Gallegos – Chronic Ensoniq EP
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Gallegos – Chronic Ensoniq EP

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Gallegos – Chronic Ensoniq EP

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Gallegos - Chronic Ensoniq EP

Release Date: 26th March 2021

Gallegos is one of my all time favourite producers. Absolutely no question. He has a completely unique sound that to me sounds like it comes partly from his incredible sample digging as well as his one of a kind drum sampling. It’s hard to say for sure what it is but all I know is that I can hear one of this tracks from a mile out. There is an incredible balance of weird shit mixed with super catchy motifs and big time grooves. I wish every day was a Gallegos day!

OK enough of my blather. Go and listen to the damn things yourself and decide if you like them, rather than trying to work it out from reading a bloody press release you weirdos.

All four tracks are produced and sculpted for the club. They want big sound systems and dark rooms.

Close your eyes, hold hands and experience transcendental space flight…

a1. Gallegos – Chronic Ensoniq

a2. Gallegos – Ultimate Damage

b1. Gallegos – Coming In Hot

b2. Gallegos – Oi To The Oi 

b3. Gallegos – This Is A Brand New Day

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