Gene Tellem – WOLFEP048

Gene Tellem – WOLFEP048

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Gene Tellem – WOLFEP048

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Gene Tellem - WOLFEP048

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Following on from her debut release on Project Pablo’s SOBO label last year, Montreal’s Gene Tellem joins the WOLF Music family with a four-track exploration through the deep depths of her creative talents.

Phase Memory’ draws you in from the off, with it’s luscious sweeping synths, bumping bassline and squelching top lines. Think late night downtown cruise summoning emotions past and present, gliding past the outside world.

Following on ‘Omni’ treads a darker path where cosmic flurries, weighty analogue goodness and celestial pads intertwine. There’s a real deftness to Tellem’s production, entrancing with each added element, captivating constantly as every second passes.

Take to the flip side to find ‘Big Bill’, a marriage of drum machines and live percussive hits that set the scene for a full-frontal bass synth and hazy piano lines to take centre stage. This is house at it’s deepest depths, with Tellem honing in on a soulful introspection she so impressively weaves throughout the whole e.p.

Rounding off this stellar sophomore release, ‘NYC Meditation’ is a midnight roller of swelling soundscapes, atmospheric glitches and interstellar stabs – bathing you in a cosmic journey of emotive reverberations.

Considering this is only Gene Tellem’s second release, WOLF have shone a light on a hugely exciting new talent who’s soon to be a name on everyone’s lips.

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