Gianni Marchetti – Milano: Il Clan Dei Calabresi


Milano: Il Clan Dei Calabresi - M2
Milano: Il Clan Dei Calabresi - M3
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Four Flies? 45s series continues to pay tribute to the golden age of Italian film music, this time with the first 7-inch release ever of two super-groovy themes from Gianni Marchetti?s soundrack to Milano: il clan dei calabresi (known in English as The Last Desperate Hours), a 1974 poliziottesco film directed by Giorgio Stegani.

?M2?, on side A, is a re-versioning of a timeless classic ? Quincy Jones? ?Ironside? theme ? where the punch of funk comes to the fore and is fused with the acid sound of early 70s Italian prog rock. This combination of jazz-funk and prog rock is found also in ?M3?, on side B, which weaves a tapestry of powerful horns and gently weeping guitarover a driving, funk-blues bass line.

A must-have for lovers of rare grooves and poliziottesco films! But don?t wait around, it?s a limited edition!