Give It Up – Remixes – Lyra


A1: Original Mix
A2: L Major Remix
B1: Limoux Remix
B2: Jag Limbo Remix
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Young South Coast UK producer Lyra?s ? Give It Up 2 Me? has been a very 2023 entity so far, racking up 170k + streams as an unofficial Soundcloud upload, starting to make an impact on Tik Tok (especially via the L Major remix) whilst being, in 4/4 terms, on the nippier side of things.

Rocking along at an unapologetic 160bpm, ?Give It ..? goes big on energy, and low on musical frills, as the song (a faithful cover of Ojerime?s original) and driving bass/drums combo do all the work for what is a minimal, avant – donk workout.

On the remix front, Limoux slows things down with a 135bpm 4/4 mix that feels like it has roots in LDN 2015 style foot shuffling, but with added sense of contemporary punch and reach.

Stepping up on an old school / new school junglist front, L Major?s mix takes no prisoners, with his rolling, cut up breaks and big Reese b-line set to cause damage to unsuspecting systems everywhere.

Closing proceedings, the Jag Limbo mix doesn?t seem to know if it wants to be Overmono or Giorgio Moroder, is in reality neither, and arguably none the worse for it.