Glaring – Nebula


Far Away
Human Plague
Isolation World
Pain Walks with Me
We All Leave in the End
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A hauntingly beautiful and melancholic album of hushed lugubrious vocalisations, pulsating drum machine, reverberating guitar and minimalist synthetic structures. But, from the dark appears light and strength, moments of joy, colour and hope, in a period of uncertainty, anxiety and turmoil none of us could have possibly contemplated.

This is a wondrous journey through the mind of Northern German musician Anna Nin, who began working as GLARING in October 2018, having been previously known as None in 2017. Musically, think early 4AD [ specifically Dead Can Dance's debut album ] meets Tropic of Cancer, Boards of Canada and the dreampop veneration of the Cocteau Twins.

This LP will be her 8th [ which have been mostly self-released, then re-issued by labels such as Squall and Popnihil. A lathecut album and boxset of "collected works" was also released by Minimal Kombinat in 2020 ] and limited to 250 copies on black vinyl. The album will be released on October 15th and the first single from the album will be "Vanth", released as a download at the same time as pre-ordering on October 1st.