GODTET – Meditations & Suite


Meditation I
Meditation II
Meditation III
Mens Choir
Struck Bamboo Pipes No.2
Dub Horn
Womens Choir
Mouth Harp
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After releasing their aptly titled first three LPs (I, II & III) GODTET concluded their
triptych with the idea of a ?clean slate?. To allow the universe of GODTET to grow
the band hit reset somewhat. Returning to their original conception of the band;
Hitting record in the studio without preconceived thought or discussion on the

After recording Meditations GODTET were asked to pay homage to the great John
Coltrane at The Sydney Opera House during their lockdown web series in 2020. To
celebrate the 50 year anniversary of ?Giant Steps? GODTET reimagined the seminal
body of work into one long set. The band collaborated with local artists Chris Cooper
& Sam Whickham who designed the audio visual aspect of the show. And after an
astounding reception, decided to utilise the two artists to build upon Meditations.
The ?Suite? EP (which features on the B side of ?Meditations?) is the amalgamation of the earlier GODTET LP sounds and Godriguez?s produced albums, through-composed as a 15 minute suite. To be true to the long-form, through-composed piece, the band recorded this release live; one take, no over-dubs and straight to
tape much like the ?Meditations? sessions, but composed.
The cathartic opening of ?Suite? awakens the gods with a sombre Welsh men?s choir.
Their vibrato ripples across the ocean as the second movement lands the listener in
the Solomon Islands where bamboo sticks are tapped against rock. As the band
nods to ?Struck Bamboo Pipes? from their last LP. Dub Horns blaze out of the
calming movements, fractured polyrhythmic, post-dub-step energy takes hold. 'The
sounds bleed into a neighbouring Trinidadian street festival as they march across
the Atlantic. The end is nigh, Moroccan percussion and vocals dance as Godriguez?s
roots shine bright. What it all a dream? A Ghanian ?Women's Choir? lulls back
consciousness. The 5-piece bids us farewell, sounds of the forked harp and Baoule
men singing is all that remains. And just like that, the trip is over.