Grimes Adhesif – Clovelly EP

Grimes Adhesif – Clovelly EP

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Grimes Adhesif – Clovelly EP

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Grimes Adhesif - Clovelly EP

Released 7th April 2017

Limited Vinyl in custom hand-stamped sleeve.

FINALLY we get to the release stage of this Epic Production run. (Term not taken lightly) Belting tripped out goodness with initial pelter Dogness, intimately immersive and stunningly constrained into a sub plunging landscape Kalender days gets built on a solid jacking proper chunky as anything heads down roller of a foundation… an immaculate build up featuring the vocal craft of Alex Ookpik who’s expansive influence has impacted every rhythm felt. Tragically Alex passed away suddenly in November… the collaboration work unfinished, her utterly infectious and divine presence is with us Automony collectively details thumping and brutal flinging thuds. Systematic fluidity gunks a swaying struggle Almighty and dynamic Capelulo straps on the chug tractor cranking up the epic factor, theres a faithful blues ingrained here… as it readies for the endorphins to boot in Back wall cainer in mind Ode to Hines… achingly efficient, dub wise its precise and aptly in check … devastating tackle Grimes has had a long association with GCW. From Lyrical Swords in the FreeRo campsite, to having a Paxton Fettel EP named in his honour (Not bad for a Tenner) The concept was finally finished in Griessmuehle, plenty versions later here we are. What started as a two track project ended up as five.

a1. Dogness

a2. Kalender Days (feat. Alex Ookpik)

b1. Autonomy

b2. Capelulo

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