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For Joe Zawinul
Oh Please Don't You Cry Beautiful Edith
Darling Keep That Gold
Cto Me Yelo
Darling Keep That Gold
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Guido Spannocchi, Vienna born London based Jazz Saxophonist. Folk lullabies and soothing melodies in unique harmonic structures with a fresh rhytmical approach together with this international ensemble consisting of japanese bassplayer Mao Yamada as well as the Brazilian drummer Cyro Zuzi and Brazilian bassplayer Matheus Nova. This album was recorded at Total Refreshment Studios by Kristian Craig Robinson, studio and engineer of acts such as Comet is Coming, Sons of Kemet and many more on the forefront of the new London Jazz Scene.
Guido Spannocchi played over 150 shows in 2017, more than 60 in 2018 already. Toured extensively in continental Europe with his first release in 2017 and Brazil in early 2018, new release will be toured in Europe (Germany, Austria, Italy, and France) as well as UK from mid May 2018.
Cover art by critically acclaimed photographer Holly Birtles
Played on Austrian National Radio OE1, Worldwide FM, Jazz in London Radio, Delite Radio, 199Radio

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