Hamburg Spinners – Skorpion Im Stiefel


Der Optimist
Bambule In Der Thadenstrasse
Skorpion Im Stiefel
Preludin Und Benzin
Der Kiezpanther
Maries Mexikaner
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"Skorpion im Stiefel" is the long-awaited debut album by Hamburg Spinners, a contemporary soul, mod-jazz and R&B outfit based in Hamburg/Germany.

Their sound blends floating Hammond organ lines, kinetic, driving grooves, funky breaks and slicing, economic improvisation. The quartet features Carsten Meyer on Hammond B-3, Dennis Rux on guitar, David Nesselhauf on bass, and Lucas Kochbeck on drums.

"Skorpion im Stiefel" was cut live on a weekend in May 2020 in Hamburg's Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!-Studios with all bandmembers playing together in the same room as a way of capturing their live sound on tape. The only overdubs were a few shouts and some ambient noise. With Meyer's soulful organ sound owing equally to Booker T. Jones, Ingfried Hoffmann as well as Georgie Fame, his gritty soulful sound is buoyed by Rux warm and gripping guitar sound, Nesselhauf’s dynamic bass lines and Kochbeck's tight in-the-pocket drumming. Who needs winners when there’s Hamburg Spinners!?

Biographical notes:
Carsten Meyer. Keyboarder and Composer. Wrote the scores for German TV series "Der Tatortreiniger", his live performances as Erobique attract a huge cheerful party crowd. Recorded in various disguises such as International Pony or Babyman for labels like Skint, Acid Jazz or Mirau.

Dennis Rux. Producer and guitarist. Funk, Soul & 60s Garage both behind the mixing desk and on the guitar. Last tours with Tetrao Urogallus, Trashmonkeys, Rhonda and Thee Pounders.

David Nesselhauf. Musician with own solo project Afrokraut, bass player in Diazpora and Drawbars, also playing with many other bands in Hamburg.

Lucas Kochbeck. Composer of filmscores, live and studio drummer. Recent projects include Diazpora, The KBCS, Flo Mega, The Kiez, Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band and The Winston Brothers.