Handy – Smacker EP


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Diagonal whack out a demented d?but dosage from unknown operator Handy, who probes a queered zone between the bandy-legged funk of Cylob and the sound of Evol on a bender with SOPHIE. A perfectly curdled addition to the label?s 2018 campaign, the Smacker EP follows aces by Russell Haswell and The Modern Institute with a necessary helping of deviant cheekiness across four tracks of prodded, squeezed and fondled fonq. Here for a good time, each track says its piece in a popwise blatz of daftness at the recommended 45rpm, which becomes only sleazier, stickier at 33rpm, if the mood takes you. Up top, that results in the comically tart and ruddy juzz-fank spanking of Oink and the speedy elastic scramble of Stretch, whilst underneath you?ll catch the hyper coloured splashback of Spit and the nutty Talk Box workout, Dump. Bonkers