Helixir – XP Dub / Peace Dub


XP Dub
Peace Dub
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Here at last, the third release on 7even Recordings from the ever versatile HELIXIR. There?s a massive buzz around this French producer right now, after his now sold out ?Narcotik Dub/Springz & Wires? 12? and the more recent floor-killers ?Helicraft / Dub 4 P.?
Navigating easily through styles, HELIXIR returns this time with two super-heavy dub cuts, proving again his mastery of sound manipulation combined with an ear for massive hooks. ?XP Dub? and ?Peace Dub? offer two slabs of heavy, minimal dub tech-influenced brilliance. A 4/4 drop, ultra deep basslines and smoked-out synths all make this killer 12? an essential addition to 7even?s ever-impressive back catalogue. HELIXIR just cannot fail to impress right now!