Helter – Polaris EP

Helter – Polaris EP

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Helter – Polaris EP


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Helter - Polaris EP

Release Date: 29th September 2017

Has underground house really run out of ideas?

The aesthetic is no doubt getting worn out: you can barely move for tounge-in-cheek DJ aliases, palm-tree emojis and VHS screen grabs of 90s A-listers.

Against that backdrop, Helter cuts through like a rough-edged asteroid.

“Polaris EP”, The London producer’s debut vinyl release after a few leaked tracks created a buss on SoundCloud, hits the reset button on the hackneyed discourse that surrounds decayed house music.

The four tracks on offer cascade between blasts of tectonic rhythm, colour and melody, and washed-out ambience, intertwining and soaking into each other.

The deck is still broken, but it punches in all the right places. A sun-warped, boards of Canada sequel pumped full of adrenaline and grit.

The soundtrack to a broken ecstasy, sure to leave half the kids in a trance and the other with shit dripping down their legs.

Helter is pushing the genre of misshapen house music into a new dimension – one with more energy, and through a truly shattered lens.

a1. Die Waiting

a2. Cutting Through

b1. Polaris

b2. Spiralville

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