HESITATION – Triple Bluff


Outrageous Dive
Three Brains Thinking as None
Martha's Presence
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2020: the year we stayed at home and went #nuts finishing releases! "Triple Bluff" is the second LP by Kit Supergroup HESITATION, comprised of Chris Catlin (Reckno / Yaaard), Richard Greenan (Devon Loch / Devonanon), John B McKenna (Undermedvetenheten), Galina Juritz (Stacey Juritz Ravens Keller) and Francis P Brady (Frand).
Open the scrapbook and catch tumbling, Velvets-esque guitar, deep (no)thinking kraut gold and tear-soaked fine line sax that might see Alabaster DePlume nod in approval. A cacophony of clipped ambitions, whittled down scratches and smiling lamentations.
Triple Bluff was recorded live over a rambling, three day live residency at the Malm? Inter Arts Centre, in Sweden. Recommended for fans of early Kraftwerk, Spacemen 3 and Galaxie 500. Vinyl out around Aug 1.