Hexxex – Screen Shadow
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Hexxex – Screen Shadow

Hexxex – Screen Shadow

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Hexxex - Screen Shadow

Emerging this January with a duo of debut EPs, Black (Vegan Tinder Lord) and White (Hexxex) , Ϟᑢrəən ϟHAᗌ/W blends pummelling techno, industrial grit and experimental noise for a mood-spanning sound inspired by everything from Google Street View to visiting the dentist.
The Black EP gleans from the heavier end of the club music spectrum, plunging into a hardcore well of nosebleed kicks and synapse-frying synths that bang with raw dancefloor energy. The White EP pauses for reflection, transforming Screen Shadow’s spiky reveries into tightly-woven technicolour dreamscapes.
Track highlights include the humour-spiced, pitch-shifted “Vegan Tinder Lord”—immortalised by its disembodied, Amnesia Scanner-esque voice—and the percussive, hardstyle-tinged assault course of “Scanna Hex”.
On it’s white counterpart ,”Hexxex” builds on a Drexciyan beat, while “Corridor” explores the sort of glitchy experimentalism that gets under your skin.”Vaxuum” and “Time Orphans” mine deep ambient soundscapes, with the former constructed from a grainy loop and the latter built from rich orchestral tones.
Artwork and music go hand in hand, with logo designer Number III (Paul Nicholson, Aphex Twin logo designer ) cooking up the striking black and white imagery.

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