Horrific James – Amen London / The Mystic Tune

Horrific James – Amen London / The Mystic Tune

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Horrific James – Amen London / The Mystic Tune

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Horrific James - Amen London / The Mystic Tune

Release Date: 18th May 2018

Deep dubwise rumbling intro moves – stepping drums swiftly, spacious mysterious atmospherics touching down with the hardcore, for the new school ‘Acid Junglist’s’ drop hits !!! hard straight to ya chest YES %%% slam down in comes the  Goldie sampled  live on Toronto radio 1992 ! rarness for you ( love a Hockey shirt) screaming out full of vibes  ‘ This is the brand new sound of inner city London…’ , Whack smash – booming in comes the killer amen . Hyper active 1992 ‘terminater’ shock out mentazm’s rough stylee + ‘Future’ 92 sample used to maxiumum effect .  Amen London hit the crowd hard @ FUNCTION:AL Lightbox London on Record Store Saturday 2018.

Written, produced , engineered + mixed by Horrific James @ Horrific Studio’s London. Hand drawn label artwork well ‘Hardcore innit’ made for this side by James Jessop under the Invisible man’s magic influential spell the originator DR G ( Big respects to Graham full moons ahoy) .

Recorded in Fish Island Village E3 ! east London posse in da place $$$  . Horrific James went to his first rave in 1992 ( Dreamscape II) age 17  = the ‘horrific  sound’  deep rooted in his UK life long raving  passion/heart on sleeve approach. 1992 vetrans heritage society.

93 style break beats quantised raw and gritty rolling @ 174bpm remote controlling EXS24 cru get raw . Since late 1999 Total Science / Phantom Audio showed the way for 174bpm vinyl post  hardcore Junglism… darkness returned phew :-).

James builds using FM8 atmospherics + soundscapes crafted / layerd up. An epic  vocal hits the drop ‘Oh no no…’ drums switch to ‘rough to the smooth’ flavours,  one of the rarer break beats cut up bites in  for the drum heads . Stabs created fresh in massive sampler & bassline from the massive clean = something fresh & unique to your ears in this current over sampling moment in time??? ,cooking up some freshness for your ears  /// this first of many solo projects forthcoming from Mr Horrific . In an era when there’s no secrets left on how to make this special music left. Soul/hyper active mind cannot be taught via youtube tutorial, vibes come from within.

a. Amen London

aa. The Mystic Tune

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