Hotel Mediterraneo EP – Aura Safari
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Hotel Mediterraneo EP – Aura Safari

Hotel Mediterraneo EP – Aura Safari

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Hotel Mediterraneo EP – Aura Safari

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Hotel Mediterraneo EP - Aura Safari

Hell Yeah welcomes the Italian musical collective Aura Safari for a debut EP on the label The band who are at the forefront of a new Italian fusion sound that blends jazzfunk electronic and world sounds is made up of acclaimed house devotee Nicholas Iammatteo plus Alessandro Deledda Lorenzo Lavoratori Daniele Melloni and Andrea Moretti They contributed a standout track to the Buena Onda Balearic Beats compilation last year as well as releasing a full length LP on UK label Church to critical acclaim Opener Dreams of Music is a lush new age groove with rich musicality wind instruments and live drums all glowing warmly as you roll into sundown Oasis then sinks into a reflective mood with lazy drums and sensuous late night chords sounding like Roy Ayers all loved up and super stoned The noodling keys really melt your heart before the excellent Slow Divers pairs more majestic bass riffs with wet claps and splashing cymbals as a wandering lead drifts up to the heavens It has a dubby swagger to it that is superbly subtleClosing out the EP Libra is a heartwarming slow motion jazzfunk fusion packed with detail and life affirming synth playing These are gloriously heartfelt tracks that showcase this collectives supreme musical ability as well as their unquestionable understanding of jazz funk and soul past present and future

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