Hypnotizing a Kookaburra – Marma Boog


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Pond Life co-captain, Marma Boog reaches for the sixth gear on OTE010 laying down three no nonsense, mind melters. Taking first prize for best song title, Marma Boog hits with an Italo mix of ?Hypnotizing a Kookaburra? to kicks things off. Proper hyperspace pumper business, synth hypnotism with that cosmic kookaburra in tow.

On the flip a dark percussive, tribal-tinged chugger in the form of the Mood Mix with a familiar vocal that sits all to sweetly in the midst of the psychedelic stomping.

Keeping it on a similar tip and rounding off the EP in style, ?East of Canada? powers on through – a downtempo, piano poised, acid-laden trip to expand your mind.

DJ Support:

Alex Kassian
Coco Maria
Dar Disku
Eclair Fifi
Running Hot
No Frills
Yu Su
Secret Sundaze
Barbra Boeing
Paula Tape
Charlie Bones
Heels & Souls