I Wonna Know / Rendez-Vous – Eddie C Presents LJ Simon Featuring Idriss


A1: I Wonna Know (Eddie C's 7 inch Disco Mixx)
B1: Rendez-Vous (Eddie C's 7 Inch Disko Dubb)
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Up next on Soul Clap Records, Eddie C introduces us to Berlin?s L.J Simon & Idriss. Berlin based Eddie C, is known for his raw yet sophisticated approach to production. With countless releases and remixes on Jiscomusic, Endless Flight, Crue-L, Sleazy Beats, Wolf Music, 7 Inches of Love & Home Taping, his eclectic and passion-fueled DJ sets have gained him a cult following worldwide. You could well describe him as one of the slo-mo disco edits scene?s heaviest hitters with his lush, deep, and generous grooves.

L.J Simon met Eddie C while they were both residents at Neue Odessa Bar in Berlin. Simon played Eddie his original versions over lunch one sunny afternoon in 2020, then Eddie took the parts back to the studio and reworked them into something that would fit into the nights he was playing at. Algerian vocalist Idriss was on a long and challenging road before arriving in Berlin, traveling to the city from Algeria. His journey took him to Turkey initially, from there he took a boat to Greece, the boat holding more people than it could manage. The vessel went down in what seemed like the middle of the sea, and it was rescued by the Greek authorities. Idriss was still forced to endure even more adversity, before eventually making his way to the German city.

It was in Berlin that Idriss met and formed a strong and joyous bond with L.J Simon. Both artists sharing a passion for the boogie-funk vibe, and so the collaboration began. The result is two cuts of sun-drenched, sexy, low-slung, goodness. It?s a vinyl only, special edition 7?, centered around this delectable pair of Eddie C?s disco

Early DJ Feedback:

Jacques Renault – Fun boogie tracks as expected from Eddie C, makes me want to turn it up and drive along the beach. Nice work

Yam Who? – This is pure money – total love

Dom Servini – STRONG!!!!

Chrissy – this is great

Chris Brennan – These are both such heaters

Chris Fortier – funky AF

Travis Holcombe – Feeling the throwback vibes!

Michael Stukes – Awwwwww YEAH!

Nutritious – Nice & lovely. Had me at sun-drenched, sold at low-slung. Smiles all the way.

James Hoste – oof, the opening to the Disco Mixx! So punchy.

Richard Chwastiak – loving the disco mixx