Iftin Band – Mogadishu's Finest: The Al-Uruba Sessions


Aaway Axdigii aynu isku Ogeyn? (Where is our Promise?)
War Wayneey (Great News)
Umaayey iyo Abo (Mother & Father)
Deriskaagi waa kugu Jahowareeray (Your Neighbor is Confused About You)
Hobolada Hooyibo
Xiriirkaagii aan kusoo Xarakeeyee (Let's Celebrate our Relationship)
Wiilkii aan ku Waashee (The Boy who Drives Me Crazy)
Haba Ley Habaaree (Let Me Be Cursed)
Shaydan Buulow (Dancing Devil)
Sig Sig Nima (Come Closer)
Iisoo Buub (Give it to Me)
Kurbo Jaceyl (Love & Pain)
Imtaxaanka Dunida (The Test of Life)
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The official retrospective on one of Somalia's most famous and beloved private bands, Iftin, and a companion compilation to our Grammy-nominated "Sweet As Broken Dates". Digitized from cassettes recorded between 1982 and 1987 at the legendary Al-Uruba hotel's secret studio and the jams for the masses performed in the basement of Somalia's national theater. Banaadiri rhythms from Somalia's south, Mogadishu's finest vocalists, Dhaanto reggae-like guitar licks, and smoldering brass blend seamlessly with the sounds of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa to form one of rawest, most cosmopolitan eras of music anywhere. Iftin's Mogadishu is where the world's sounds begin and end.

Double LP gatefold with a 12" x 12" poster. Hardcover bookcase CD with 12 page booklet.