I’ll Take You In – Fred Everything
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I’ll Take You In – Fred Everything

I’ll Take You In – Fred Everything

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I’ll Take You In – Fred Everything

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I'll Take You In - Fred Everything

Celebrating years as a recording artist and years of his label Lazy Days Recordings Fred Everything teams up with House Legend Robert Owens on Ill Take You In The track was recorded late last year when Robert was invited to perform with Fred in Montreal during a special event by Phil Collins the artist not the singer The event was related to the art installation Bring Down The Walls which examined racial injustice and the prison industrial complex in the US and Canada through the unconventional lens of house music Robert Owens needs no introduction of course being the voice behind so many House Classics such as Ill Be Your Friend Mystery of Love and of course Bring Down The Walls The song was written the night before the studio session after meeting with Fred for the first time When I meet you If I meet you Ill take you in You become Family It all came together naturally and has all the elements of a modern House Classic Bouncy beats rich chords and a driven bassline but most important a song with a positive message and purpose deeply rooted in the tradition of this music we call House On top of the Classic mix there are BTDW Bring Down The Walls versions more stripped down inspired by the event that made it possibleThe choice of Remixer was easy calling on one of his best friend and longest collaborator Martin Atjazz Iveson who also collaborated with Robert in the past Off the heels of his recent remix of StGermain Rose Rouge he brought is AGame incorporating a latin vibe with a quirk thanks to his modulars and Moogs rig Atjazz can do no wrong when its time to rework a nice song A true master with a unique vision and dedication to soundbr

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