Ilmiliekki Quartet – Land of Real Men


O Superman
Singharat Soi 1
Twisted Thistle
Il Maleki
Land of Real Men
Lonely Lonely
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Ilmiliekki Quartet is a band of four star-calibre Finnish jazz musicians. The group is a key unit for each of the artists, and one of their original vehicles of creation since its formation in 2002. Here, trumpet player Verneri Pohjola, pianist Tuomo Pr?tt?l?, bassist Antti L?tj?nen (of The Five Corners Quintet, Timo Lassy Band, 3TM, etc.) and drummer Olavi Louhivuori (of the late Tomasz Stanko's quintet and Oddarrang) present their first new album in 13 years. "Land Of Real Men" is a milestone which will stand strong in each of the four musicians already remarkable discography. Stylistically Ilmiliekki Quartet range from the delicate end of the sparse contemporary jazz sound to the depths of Nordic fire music, always making music which is highly personal and melodic to the bone.
Presented in gatefold 2LP, CD and digital formats, "Land Of Real Men" to be released via Helsinki's We Jazz Records on April 26 offers eight stellar Ilmiliekki cuts, each with its own strong character. The stylistic narrative of the album takes the listener on a journey much akin to the groups celebrated live shows, which are always a hit in their native Finland, but which have also taken the group to Europe, US and Australia. Ilmiliekki Quartet (which roughly translates as "Quartet Ablaze") were one of the big success stories of the "first wave" of Finnish jazz in the new millennium, and although they never really went away, the band is now back with a vengeance.