JAF Trio – JAF Trio


Ninth Row of the Fifth Floor
Something New
Dark Sparkle
Shades of Tomorrow
Det Er Dig
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JAF Trio emerges on Helsinki's We Jazz Records with their debut LP on 3 July. The young Finnish-Danish band includes saxophonist Adele Sauros (of Superposition), bassist Joonas Tuuri (of Bowman Trio) and drummer Frederik Emil B?low. After a string of lauded live performances over the past couple of years (the band was awarded with the "We Jazz Rising Star" accolade at We Jazz Festival in 2017), the trio is now ready to present their first studio work.
Sound-wise, JAF Trio has an approach which brings the band very close to the listener, "loft jazz" style. The sax, bass and drums are right there at the forefront together, creating a remarkably strong presence. The original material of the band has depth and groove alike, at times leaping forward with giant steps, at times calming things down to really stretch time. The music is very melodic and rhythmic, as withnessed by single tracks "Ninth Row of the Fifth Floor" and "Dark Sparkle". There's a sense of playfulness in the repetitive riffing on "Something New" and an air of sombre melancholy on "Shades of Tomorrow".
"JAF Trio" will be released by We Jazz Records on 3 July on vinyl, CD and digital. The vinyl version comes in a heacy-duty "old school" tip-on sleeve. The cover design features the artwork "Red" by Finnish visual artist Maija Lassila.