Jaz Edits 2 – Jaz


A1: Cloud Worship
A2: Pick A Toy
B1: Puzzle
B2: Friday Night
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P&F Recordings takes a quick break from original material to welcome back everyone?s favourite Episcopalian Minister/DJ: JAZ.

When it comes to left-field floor fillers, JAZ (n?e John Zahl) is in a league of his own. Over the past 13 years, he’s churned out celebrated home listening mixes, jaw-dropping DJ sets, and extended edits with a pace that belies the usual slow-motion tempo of the majority of his selections.

Here, he serves up four colourful, cosmic, dance floor delights. EP opener ?Cloud Worship? marries a chugging prog-rock-esque bassline with virtuosic synth work. Then ?Pick a Toy? gets us sweating with some serious Caribbean flair.

On the flip side, ?Puzzle? delivers exotic chants and an infectious, serpentine beat – and lastly ?Friday Night? closes things out with infectious, retro positivity.

While one might wonder how JAZ consistently unearths these obscure -yet essential- gems, it’s obvious that he’s driven by a higher purpose.

Let the ceremonies begin!