Jennifer Loveless – Water


Syzgyzy (Scissor Me)
Backroll Buddy
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Canadian born and Naarm (Melbourne) based Jennifer Loveless returns one year on from her debut releaseHard/Soft(Pure Space Records) withWater, a 12" EP presented by Butter Sessions. Bestowing us with five tracks of dystopian dance-floor thump,Wateris a bustling showcase of Jenn's breadth as an artist. Reflecting on the contrast ofWaterwith her first EP, Loveless comments "I wanted a hard contrast to theHard/Softrelease. I always had a plan to release an energetic frivolous fun type EP afterHard/Soft. I had a feeling people might see me as an ambient producer (although I wouldn't really categoriseHard/Softas that), and I guess this EP,Water, is my response".

At its core,Wateris a hyper-charged cetacean maelstrom of electronic music, sampling weddell seals, humpback whales, pacific walruses and water itself.Waterkicks off with the rumbling patter ofOut/Underbefore moving into the unabatingSyzygy(Scissor Me).Jenn stamps a joyful yet skittish imprint ontoECC,while fly on the wallBackroll Buddysits on a sound bed of audio Jenn recorded at parties, capturing friends chattering and an edit of a Whitney Houston earworm she heard a DJ playing, paying ode to a night out.B L U YOUis a charming endnote; a fusion of fluorescent pop and a catchy bassline. The verdict here is thatWaterallows Jennifer Loveless to prove herself truly as a jack of all trades.Watertakes shape as an engrossing palette of bold dance music.