Joe Woodham – Worldwide Weather


Neap Gloom
In Syzygy
Spring Tides
Gameplan B
Longshore Drift
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Joe Woodham's brand new album 'Worldwide Weather', his first solo album for None More Records, is due out just in time for the Summer Solstice 2023. A musical interpretation of how the moon interacts with our oceans, the album is a hazy, looping soundscape built around warm synths, hypnotic tape loops, cosmiche guitar, ambient washes, field recordings, folk melodies and gentle propulsion and percussive beats, searching for hidden signals in the shipping forecast.

Joe is a long time fellow in the brotherhood of Jouis, spending formative years on the road, evolving within the festival circuits and releasing two studio albums; Dojo (2014 Beetroot Records) and Mind Bahn (2019 None More Records).