JSM – Scruscru / Jehan / Meowsn


A1: Love Letter For Meowsn
A2: Classique
A3: Doin' Haws
A4: Every Single Day
B1: Scru?s Hustle
B2: Le Jazz, Le Rythme
B3: Midnight Drive With Jehan
B4: Be With Me
B5: Fin
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Track listing


“Softened but no less remorseful, nostalgic but ready to claim a new future, the JSM trio’s long-awaited full length is one of the most indulgent sunny house albums of the year. We had fun to make it”.
Scruscru, Jehan, Meowsn

DJ Feedback:

Some heavy grooves on here! Le Jazz, Le Rythme is jumping out at me on first listen but lots to love all over this.

Oh yes .. both sides are fire …
Lars Behrenroth

Brilliant. Some of the tracks bring me back to late 90’s “La Funk Mob” or “Superdiscount”, with a modern twist.
Art Of Tones

Wonderful soulful jams!

So so happy to receive this amazing music, quality cuts all the way <3
dj Caspa

The balance and controlled quality here is amazing. Could be played in both chilly daylight and night club. I can see so many DJs in Tokyo gonna play these!
Boys Get Hurt

A delight for my ears.

Outstanding collaboration from this three prolific and distinguished gentlemen. Definitely years ahead from today, full support on this stunning release.
The Funk District

Beautiful release guys! A pure pleasure for my ears.
Saint Paul

Such a beautiful release! These guys are always on point. Love every single track of this LP 🙂
Yann Polewka

World class, sick collection of tracks. This is it!
Third Attempt

Always love from me <3 but this is something really special.. wow! absolutely gobsmacked by this jazzy gem
Luke Bestrom

Tasty tasty bizness from the holy trinity. on heavy rotation. Also shout out to the best designed promo system i’ve ever seen, that’s a lot of work!
Danny / SlothBoogie

Absolutely love the full release. Incredible vibes from three of my favorite producers. Really love this x
Moment Cinetique

Digging some of these!
Jad Lee / Beats Of No Nation

Wow, that’s dope! I love the jazzy flavors and diversity in styles. Difficult to choose a favorite but full support on this one.

Three of my favorite artists all in one collaborative work. Fantastic stuff, really well produced.
Sweet Fruity Brunch

Quality stuff as expected from a triumvirate of producers who ooze class

This sounds so jazzy warm and tasty. really diggin the vibes. great release and combo!
Replika aka Common mode

Sick record! Favourite joint: A1. Love that boom bap stuff far out so good.
Soul Wun

This guys did a solid full-length record perfect for the dance floor, as well as for private listening. Cool tracks in different genres that I like so much. My fav’s here Be With Me and Midnight Drive With Jehan. Top notch design is like a cherry on the cake. Thank you for promo and best regards!
Buzz Compass