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Whip Music
Why Can't We?
Out Late
Can't Fake It!
Come Around
Front Seat Prelude
Ride with Me
Slow Down
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With great notoriety for his reworks across SoundCloud, London native, K, Le Maestro has forged an undeniable signature sound for himself and has made his way from making beats for himself in his bedroom to having his edits widespread across the internet and garnering popularity in the outside world among DJs and music heads alike and earning his co-signs from i.e. Soulection or House Shoes. Now by the age of 22 K, Le Maestro truly has become a master of his art; fusing between different genres while maintaining the signature knock that his instrumentals provide and is now ready to presents his debut album ?WHIP MUSIC?.

The album?s 1st single ?WHY CAN?T WE? – a masterclass in playing with momentum and anticipation, showcasing K?s razor sharp feel for building soundscapes and capturing a 90s R&B/HipHop vibe ? got picked up by Apple Music?s ?Beatstrumentals? Playlist right away. The carefully curated layers of instrumentation make the track meld together into a laid-back, yet head-banger kind of wave.

The 2nd single ?OUT LATE? features US singer Amaria and has become a sonic celebration, marrying modern R&B with old-school funk. The angelic voice of Amaria creates a sensual, intimate setting that sits perfectly within K's production of lush synths, heavy drums and a booming bass line. The song will be accompanied by a full length music video.

The 3rd and final single ?BACKSEAT? features singer N?poles and feels like a modern take on 90ies R&B ballad complemented by N?poles? gentle vocal delivery, reminding of heavyweights such as H.E.R or 90ies super-group EnVogue with its lush harmonies and the smooth instrumentation, contrasted with another heavy synth bass line. The single will also feature a full-length music video.

The album?s artwork was designed by the artist himself while the record contains a double-sided DIN A2 poster, showing the album cover in black & white on one and an alternate anime cover version on the other side.


K, Le Maestro

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