Kapingbdi – Take A Look Outside


Take A Look Outside
Don't Mess With The Music
Africa Locomotion
Times So Hard
The Prayer (23rd Psalm)
Mama Africa
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This is the fourth, and until now, unreleased album by Kapingbdi, a six-piece band from West Africa, which billed itself as "African Jazz-Funk-Rock from Liberia"

It is a skilful mix of African and Western elements, with a spiritual heart and dynamic grooves. In January 1985 and shortly before the group disbanded, they recorded nine tracks for an aborted LP project at Masterpiece studio in Detroit, U.S.A. In 2019 the music was carefully remastered from the original 24-track master tape. For Kapingbdi, music is not for its own purpose, but serves to carry a message born of the African experience and perspective, intended for all people.

Recorded 1985 on 24 tracks at Masterpiece studio in Detroit/ U.S.A., all music and lyrics by E. Kojo Samuels, except "Yakund?" (lyrics by Richard "Papa Jah" Addison and Samuel I. "Sam Kay" Kamara Foday)

File under: Afro Funk, Afro Jazz, Afro Rock

E. Kojo Samuels (Liberia): saxophone, lead vocals, flute, horn/ elephant tusk, drums, congas, shekere, ballaphone, kalimba, Joseph Kieh Blamo (Liberia): lead & rhythm guitar, shekere, vocals, Oliver Mensa (Ghana): bass, vocals, Nana Boachie -Yiadom (Ghana): drums, vocals, Richard "Papa Jah" Addison (Ghana): congas, sangba drum, vocals, lead vocals on "Yakund?" (Twi language), Samuel I. "Sam Kay" Kamara Foday (Sierra Leone): bamboo drums, kongoma, vocals, lead vocals on "Yakund?" (Mende language), Augustus "Daddy Boy" Fuller (Liberia/ guest): clavinet, piano, organ, synthesizer, Eric K. Paasewe (Liberia/ guest): kelen.