KAYYAK & Kalabrese – Let Love Find Itself / You Blow My Mind


Let Love Find Itself
You Blow My Mind
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KAYYAK and Kalabrese – the Zurich Friends – together on a Split-12inch!

"Let Love Find Itself" is the title of this unfolding relationship-drama that KAYYAK tells us about in a thorough tone. While the prominent vocal unleashes the story, the song takes us on a hypnotic journey. Bass and Chords tight together while edgy dub sounds play catch and release. Crooner disco sound at its best on this A-side.
KAYYAK on lead vocals for the first time on Rumpelmusig. We observe the unfolding of a great talent here and are excited about all things to come. With "You Blow My Mind", Kalabrese catches up with an old remix that he contributed for Tosca. A new interpretation with a fresh drive as he makes way for an elegant and deep dancefloor song. To all the Rumpel-lovers, if you listen carefully, while keeping in mind Kala's hit album, you'll recognize the stone age version of the song "Independent Dancer". "Uuuuhhh You Blow My mind". A sentence so deeply Kalaish. A true evergreen.