Kevin Haynes & Grupo Elegua – Ajo Se Po


Mojuba Olorun
Orisa Papa Obi
Hebwa Baba
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Ajo Se Po is the third album by alto-saxophonist and percussionist Kevin Haynes, released with his band Grupo Elegua. The album integrates musical elements with references to his deepening spiritual understanding. Haynes has created a modal harmonic language incorporating Afro-Cuban melodies and classical kora playing – his alto-sax, infusing the album with a personal 'voice'.
Yoruba spirituality is at the heart of Haynes' musical thinking which also includes both Nigerian and Cuban dimensions. This is especially reflected by the use of recitation and Cuban bata drumming being employed on all tracks, with each piece growing out of a particular bata rhythm. Each such rhythm is dedicated to a particular Orisha, or divinity.
As well as influences from Afro-Cuban, Native Nigerian and folkloric Bata, Haynes' music is a fusion of contemporary jazz incorporating Mandinga folk and praise songs and hard bop.
Kevin Haynes and Grupo Elegua have performed at renowned jazz festivals including Havana Jazz Festival, Cuba and Salamanca Jazz Festival, Spain. Haynes has also featured on Moses Boyd's hit album Displaced Diaspora.
Previously available on digital only, Ajo Se Po is now released on vinyl.