Kiyoko – Kiyoko EP [Repress]

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Kiyoko – Kiyoko EP [Repress]

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Kiyoko - Kiyoko EP [Repress]

Repress Released 16th June 2017

A1 – Track 1: Kiyoko are back on Samurai Horo with another slice of that deep dank goodness. Starting off  dropping a very atmospheric ambient oddity that has that Kiyoko stamp of quality. Lush pads rise and fall over the piece with a sense of urgent abandonment. The track has a very hypnotizing feel, and the soundscape of the tune really does take you away. This combined with metallic percussive slices and dramatic sounds complete a worthy opening to the EP.

A2 – Track 2: Offers a more beat oriented and glitch based vibe. The percussion on the tune has an edgy, snappy feel, rolling hats and wood block hits give this a jumping groove. The baseline has a modern funk swing to it and really stands out; small vox samples cut through the mix and when coupled with the deep stabs and synth sounds add up to a complete and well-executed banger.

B1 – Track 3: Ambience is the key word here, deep Sonics and space vibes echoing throughout. Flutes from the future spring to mind whilst listening. The way that Kiyoko places sound and space is very well conceived, with nothing over-worked. The beat work here is top drawer; crunches and hits of various ferocity give drama and flow. The contrast that the gentle stabs and raw vox fx have do soften the hits.

B2 – Track 4: Here we have a filmic vibe. Sounds like a rustling newspaper page folding,  coupled with pads and piano add a mysterious yet wondrous feeling. The editing is superb, placement of key elements works great, and the supporting beats are laid back and mellow.

The Kiyoko EP sums up what Kiyoko himself is as an artist, deep atmospheres coupled with well-paced and intricate detail. The EP has variety in the sense of differing energies, working as one complete project. This is highly recommended for Kiyoko fans, and if you are new to the sound give it a go it does not disappoint.

a1. Track 1

a2. Track 2

b1. Track 3

b2. Track 4

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