Kognitif – Monometric / 2020 Edition


In Da Mood
So Let's Begin
Mama Love
Moon Child
You Don't Know
Bande de Dégénérés
Need To be Love
Whiskey Lullaby
Mes Nuits Blanches
Lovely Dark
Peace to my World
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First vinyl issue of the classic Monometric album from french beatmaking maestro Kognitif ! Comes as Orange colored vinyl.
KOGNITIF is back with MONOMETRIC 2020 EDITION, 6 years after the first edition. He totally reinterprets this deeply Trip-Hop album with a very wise and sharp ear and invites you to rediscover his classics , such as "Bande de D?g?n?r?s" or "So Let's Begin". Jeannette Robertson's gorgeous voice being delightfully enhanced by this remastering.
The most important pieces are still the 4 original tracks scattered across the album so just get ready, open ears wide and check this out !