Lalo Schifrin – Man on a Swing OST


Maggie's Theme 1
Juke Box Source
Evelyn Story
Beetle Search
Rosehaven Motel
Trip to LA
Maggie's Theme 2
Stressed Out
Choked Up
Janet's Mazurka
Maggie Retraced
Factory Vibe
A Wet Nothing
Wills' Trance pt1
Bell Signals
Taken Away
Radio Source
FM Groove
Forest Finale
Penultima Trance
Parking Lot Shuffle
Wills' Trance pt. 2
Wills' Trance pt. 3
Wills' Trance pt. 4
Empty Porch
Phone Voice
On The Move
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Wewantsounds is delighted to release for the first time on vinyl the Lalo Schifrin’s soundtrack for Frank Perry’s thriller ‘Man On A Swing’ from 1974. Featuring Schifrin's superb mix of Jazz, Bossa, Groove and atmospheric soundscape, the soundtrack, recorded in LA with the Wrecking Crew’s Emil Richards, Bud Shank and Howard Roberts among others, finds the composer at his most inspired. Delving in the Paramount tapes, the label has re-sequenced the soundtrack from scratch and found several unissued cues as bonus tracks. Among which the mindblowing rhythm track for the title ‘Radio Source’, featuring a super Funk breakbeat. The Soundtrack has been remastered for vinyl by Colorsound studio and features liner notes by Jeremy Allen with artwork by Eric Adrian Lee