Langham Research Centre – Tape Reworks, Vol. 1


Quasar Melodics
Perpetual Motion
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?a kind of Radiophonic Workshop Rebel Alliance?? – The Quietus
Modern music concrete quartet Langham Research Centre follow-up their debut album, Tape Works, Vol. 1 with a short EP of remixes, also on nonclassical. Remixes come from a fan of theirs ? experimental veteran Jim O'Rourke ? and Berlin-based industrial duo group A.
On Side A, Jim O?Rourke uses ?Quasar Melodics? as his source material, transforming fizzing grains of sound into an oceanic swirl of noise. On the flip, group A find metallic rhythms and eerie melancholy in ?Perpetual Motion?.
On 7" and digital, the EP has gained radio play on BBC's Late Junction.