L?rry – Over The Why


cMmL CoE3
Ria Ilso
We Are We Are
Over The Why
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London-based leftfield electronic label BleeD makes a worthy return from a lengthy sabbatical, reinvigorated with a diverse collection of tracks from Berlin-based talent, L?rry. Having previously established trusted relationships with leading artists including Daniel Avery, DJ Nobu and Peder Mannerfelt, BleeD ably assists in delivering on the promise of one of the most notable young talents currently working on the fringes of contemporary techno. Thus far showcased on impeccably curated labels such as Uncertainty Principle, Super Hexagon, Fusion Diagnostics and Awkwardly Social, their flair for surgical sound-design and off-kilter arrangements puts them in good company with equally exciting contemporaries such as FFT and Panarorman/Patrick Conway.

The EP covers a lot of ground across 6 tracks, from the gloomy atmospherics of 'Plunicceteh' and 'CMml CoE3", and the peak-hours stomp of 'systems_component' on the A-side, to the warmer and more uplifting B-side tracks, 'Ria Ilso', 'We Are We Are' and 'Over The Why'. It's a fine showcase of an artist with a broad range of influences who with each successive release is carving out a genuinely unique sound.