Laslo – Minden Nap Vasárnap [CD]

Laslo – Minden Nap Vasárnap [CD]

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Laslo – Minden Nap Vasárnap [CD]

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Laslo - Minden Nap Vasárnap [CD]

Release Date: 15th December 2017

Laslo, a Hungarian producer, and newcomer to the Greta Cottage Woodpile , creates and then inhabits a sonic world that is uniquely his own on Minden Nap Vasárnap . Through layers of delays, cavernous reverb, the ever-present crackling high end of light noise, tones and melody flicker through and decay into a washed out dub oblivion.

Laslo employs bass lines constructed through experimentations with LFOs to drive the music, the bass lines largely taking over the role of melody and creating a rich, propulsive low end that keeps each of the five tracks moving forward constantly. This strategy allows for the other elements in his work to emerge throughout the music with a level of detail and attention that encourages close and careful listening as the nuanced spaces he is creating in this EP unfold endlessly. At times the music produced by Laslo feels as though a radio dial is being turned, tuning into stations which just happen to be sympathetic to one another, each expanding upon the ideas of the last.

By employing a set of rigid rules to create musical structures and poly-rhythms, Laslo takes constricting logic sets as a method to encourage immense freedom through unexpected and off-kilter tempos, pattern lengths and time signatures, each minimal adjustment leading to surprising moments of clarity and subtlety in sound before fading back into the mix. By engaging in controlled experiments and processes that produce a surprisingly humanistic machine funk, the EP encourages the listener to return again and again to discover new moments of immense beauty. Minden Nap Vasárnap highlights that, more often than not, a less is more approach will garner far more compelling results. Sculpted in real time with a mixing board, the active engagement of Laslo is apparent throughout the project.

The confidence shown in this work should not be taken for granted, an immensely polished piece of experimental dub music, Minden Nap Vasárnap shows us a deeply focused producer working within a musical space filled with his own voice, rich with possibilities. (words by James Murray)

1. Maradek

2. Norveg Ala

3. Ska Fender (version)

4. Itt Vagyok Lent

5. Nomad

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