Laughing Ears – Losing Track EP


Losing Track
Bite the Bullet
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Following the epic and potent album ?Blood? recently released on Infinite Machine; Shanghai-based producer Laughing Ears alights on Hemlock with a killer three track EP.

Losing Track
Dense with pin-sharp atmospherics and gentle intertwined melodies, this lush piece evokes 90?s IDM breakbeat and trance and propels them into far away realms.

Bite the Bullet
Bleeps and homespun breakbeats dance into the night on this quirky workout, keeping us on our toes with unhinged edits and a twisted breakdown.

Breakaway The rudest cut on the EP, Breakaway lamps up the pressure for a full sub bass rinse out riding on loose but fully loaded drums.
File under: IDM, grime, breakbeat
RIYL: rRoxymore, Autechre, Dj Crystl, Bruce, Musical Mob