LBB Dubplate No 3: The Unreleased Remixes Volume 1 – Lady Blackbird


A1: Beware The Stranger - Ashley Beedle's 'North Street West' Vocal Remix
A2: Beware The Stranger - Matthew Herbert Dub
B1: Collage - Bruise Remix (Extended Remix)
B2: Blackbird - Foremost Poets Adventure Mix
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For the third Lady Blackbird Dubplate, Foundation Music Productions present The Unreleased Remixes Volume 1, enlisting the expertise of four stalwarts of the scene to put their signature touch on proceedings.
House legend Ashley Beedle kicks off, taking the original of ‘Beware The Stranger’ over to the dancefloor with his signature lush strings and sumptuous keys. Think Frankie Knuckles meets Nuyorican Soul as he delivers a soulful future house classic remix of the highest order.
Next, Matthew Herbert, a musician and producer known for breaking down boundaries and throwing away conventions, delivers a stunning sound sculpted dub mix of the same track.
On the B side, the much-hyped Bruise, signed to R&S Records subsidiary Meda Fury Records, amplifies ‘Collage’ to a techno inspired piano anthem. The energy is BIG on this cut, with direct nods to Moodymann and Robert Hood.
Finally, legendary US producer Foremost Poets, widely known for his iconic 90’s release ‘Moonraker’, provides a 13-minute journey of sound with his ‘Blackbird’ Adventure Mix. Injecting a heavy helping of organic, soulful house sonics, up-tempo, jazz edged beats winding their way around a blend of smooth key lines and soft vocal notes. With a subtle forward drive underpinning things, his remixes almost invite you in to dance and move with them… their addictive and fresh sounds working as a call to the dancefloor.

DJ Feedback:

Luciano – stunning !!!!!!

Adana Twins – Great!

Severino / Horse Meat Disco – WOW amazing

Mousse T – Good one

Blond:ish – I love all the versions, beautiful!!!

Joe Goddard – Great!