Limousine – Siam Roads


Coeur d'eau
Luk Thung (Khun Playboy)
Ubon Train Station
Yodh Song
Sad Sun
Wrong Scooter
Lam Phutai
Som Tam
Thong Sai Thabthanon
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During their travels in Thailand in 2011, the members of Limousine discovered the Isaan region (North-East of Thailand) and its Morlam music. They met Yodh Warong, a colourful character, an orchid farmer, and above all one of the last specialists in Isaan music. The four boys fell in love with the music and decided to reappropriate these cottony trances, these nostalgic laments, this incantatory blues with sublime melodies and mischievous humour. The group then invented a mobile studio and took off for Thailand in January 2012 with the support of the Agnès b endowment fund and the French Institute. Yodh Warong welcomed them in the city of Ubon Ratchathani and the group recorded their vision of Isaan for several weeks, giving birth to their third opus, Siam Roads.