Listen To The Music – Quiet Force
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Listen To The Music – Quiet Force

Listen To The Music – Quiet Force

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Listen To The Music – Quiet Force

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Listen To The Music - Quiet Force

Quiet Force were the German duo of producer Thilo TC Rex and multiinstrumentalist Stephan Tteberg Signed to Klaus Schulzes Innovative Communications in the late s they produced four albums for the pioneering electronic imprint They also released two singles on Italian label Les Folies Art coproduced by Sergio Pisano Mind Fair have licensed one of these to their reissue arm Rogue Cat Resounds To try to describe Listen To The Music For Love And Emotions Id ask you to imagine an Italo remake remodel of Art Of Noises Moments In Love Slightly dancedup Sporting Max Headroom Fairlight stutters and fretless bass flourishes Synthesized strings glissando and pizzicato Mediterranean reeds and surf Peppered with a lovers laughter and ecstatic shouts It could quite easily have been a template for The Grids Flotation Its definitely something for you file next to Dancing Fantasy in your Cafe Del Mar collection Apiento amp Tepper submit the track to a tight and timeless update Sending the originals s moments tumbling in and out of a metallic Electro break Cowbell rattling around GoGoesque The bass a barely contained growl Synths gated to classic trippy s Ambient House effect Only the size of that bline betraying its production date NYC legend Justin Strauss teams up with Max Pask and fuses the Fairlight sprites with bleeps and machine handclaps Taking the tempo higher to BPM Reducing the OG to sonar blips surrounded by spiralling sound effects Trance arpeggios Digidub skank and sinister symphonic New Beat keys That girl giggling as if tickled by the br

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