Loboko – Kanyunyi


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Introducing a new scintillating, transatlantic collaboration from Names You Can Trust and Loboko, a new group created in the fertile ground of modern New York City’s melting pot. The band’s debut recording features the young Congolese vocalist and guitar virtuoso, Yohni Djungu Sungu, alongside Soukouss-Stars legend and master bassist in his own right, Ngouma Lokito. The group is rounded out by drummer and co-founder Morgan Greenstreet (himself a contributor to NYCT and Combo Lulo’s debut recording, amongst others). He, along with Yohni, helped spawn the group’s few but raucous NYC live appearances with various members throughout a couple year period before 2020.
Built upon those influential jam sessions, Loboko took two original compositions to the studio in an effort to document some of the traditional Congolese music they have been cooking up. Rooted in a now ubiquitous guitar-driven sound of African soukous that have permeated the greater Caribbean music landscape for up to six decades, Loboko’s take on the ethnic Baluba rhythm, mutuashi, adorns the single’s A-side as “Kanyunyi.” The B-side stand-out “Ekenge” draws from the Seben style. It’s a familiar sound to those sound system aficionadas, an intoxicating guitar combination that has reverberated from the heart of the Congo, through a wave in France’s popular African music industry, and into the discerning selections of Colombia’s Pico culture. Loboko’s original take on these rhythms is quite unique in 2023, eschewing any modern production crutches for the raw pedigree of an electrified trio, and ultimately represents a clear window into the group’s authentic live performances.