Lover To Lover / Walk Softly – Maxi


A1: Lover To Lover
B1: Walk Softly
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Seriously sought after, classic rare groove 2 stepper from Maxi, ‘Lover To Lover’ gets its first ever official reissue on vinyl with this also being the first 7 inch pressing of this oasis of joy, courtesy of South Street Soul.

Previously only ever available on Maxi’s self-titled 1977 LP, released on Blue Note. With originals of the album selling for over £160+, South Street give these glorious grooves space to breathe with a 7 inch reissue of two choice cuts. Soaring vocals, top drawer production, sumptuous instrumentation, with a string section to melt any heart out there – all arranged to perfection. The sort of track that will sweep you off your feet before you even know what’s hit you. Famously sampled by Tom & Jerry aka 4 Hero for their ridiculously rare Jungle anthem ‘Maximum Style’.

To complete the package, another hand-picked hit from Maxi’s one and only LP with a cover of the Van McCoy penned soulful serenity ‘Walk Softly’.