Lowdown Fever EP1 –
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Lowdown Fever EP1 –

Lowdown Fever EP1 –

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Lowdown Fever EP1 -

First track ‘Legitimacy’ is a wonderful warm electronic song with club appeal by Cornwall based producer Zoe Leonard aka Simmerdown. Already featured on BBC’s Hot List with her new project, Simmerdown melts influences of Hip-Hop, club culture and sampling to her very own unmistakeable sound. Black Soyls are coming with ‘Deep Shit Pt.3’ an electronic club warmer paying homage to the vienna school of the 90s. Soothing chords and a plucking bassline beautifully paired with some jazz break style drums. ITO who hails from Munich has already set the bar high with his debut release. Working out very complex rhythm structures over beautiful melodies in his flawless production style, his ‘Citylights’ is a love declaration to the downbeat genre par excellence. ‘Mirrorsides’ by David Hanke works with a heavy chopped main sample and brings some deeper feeling with it’s milky sounding chords and it’s mysterious sounding subtle synth melodies.
“Some beautiful, atmospheric downtempo goodness on this release. Black Soyls have a lovely cinematic feel to their selection and David Hanke brings a wicked skipping breakbeat dance to his jam.” Ursula 1000 — Insect Queen MusicQueen In

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