Marc Mac – BR-AZIL-AH


Tribos Coloridas
The First Movement
Music of Life
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Following on from the 2 heavyweight EPs, Ah-Free-Ka & Ja-Maye-Ka, Marc Mac continues to fuse worldly music influences into broken beat. This time the sounds of Brazil are featured and blended into that London nu-boogie, broken beat vibe. The strings, piano and bass at times are reminiscent of Marc?s 4hero productions as he is joined by musicians Luke Parkhouse on percussion, Nathan Haines on Sax and Canada?s Octavio Santos & Mookie Williams on horns. It?s a 4 track journey just right for the sun and ready for your summer eclectic musical adventures. The cover art by Mitchy Bwoy is a fantastic compliment to the music and makes up a cool art package in full