Marenn Sukie – Malinal – EP


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Label: Banoffee Pies Records
Catalogue Number: OTAKU01
Title: Malinal
Artist: Marenn Sukie
Genre: Trip Hop / Drums / Lounge / Chill Out
Release Date: 10/2017
Banoffee Pies Records continue their musical exploration with their latest sub label output OTAKU. As the title suggests, Otaku provides the Banoffee crew the opportunity to focus on another area of expression. ?Music For Home? will be the focus and tagline for this imprint which will showcase a range of expertly composed live drum elements while travelling through the spectrum of leftfield electronic music.

The first instalment comes from a new and blossoming artist Marenn Sukie, first featured on the parent labels Limited Series. This time he drops a six track delight spanning the moods of trip hop, beats, and chill out in a Bonobo esque fashion, intermittent head nodding included. With love Banoffee xx

Mastered: Optimum
Pressed: MPO