Mark Rae – The Caterpillar Club Soundtrack


The Caterpillar Club Intro
Chapter 1 - The End of the Night
Chapter 8 - Second Hand Pram
Chapter 18 - Runout Groove
Chapter 42 - Belonging
Chapter 39 - Last Requests
Chapter 33 - Curtains & Infrared
Chapter 35 - The Night Plane
Chapter 36 - French Number One
Chapter 17 - Scanning the Horizon
Chapter 43 - Two Hombergs
Chapter 45 - Speed Bumps, Gas & Air
Chapter 46 - Those Were the Times We Had
The Caterpillar Club Outro
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Mark Rae is world reknowned for his work in creating Grand Central Records, the shop Fat City and his artistic endeavours as one half of Rae & Christian. This project follows on from his 2016 autobiography, Northern Sulphuric Soulboy.
This single vinyl, 14 track album, provides an instrumental soundtrack to Mark Rae's forthcoming debut novel, The Caterpillar Club. UK & German PR for full press support from June through to Sept. Music on Vinyl 19th July, book in hardback & paperback 13th September. Radio plugging added for vocal versions of soundtrack on 7" around book release.