Matuki – Stutter & Twitch 7" Series


INJO (Shunya Remix)
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12-piece Afro-beat band Matuki are releasing their debut 7” single on December 2nd via Stutter & Twitch; which paints a juxtaposed image of the band’s versatile style. Side A ‘Sanimenteren’ showcases fiery horn melodies and liquid guitar riffs, whereas Side B ‘INJO’ changes direction completely as Manchester producer Shunya takes the reins. By morphing Matuki’s steadfast rhythm into a lucid downtempo glitch, Shunya creates a unique and mesmerizing new perspective towards the urban band’s signature style.

‘Turbo-boosted grooves and fusing Afro Manding with intoxicating Fela Kuti horn lines, Matuki creates a rhythm so deep and hypnotic it takes you on a journey’ – Rhythm Passport
‘Matuki mix the classic ingredients – brass, beats, vocals and electricity – into something suitably hot’n’spicy… If Bristol’s Afrobeat scene gets any hotter we might as well move to Lagos’ – Canteen Bristol

Fronted by master drummer and vocalist, Abraham Ebou Sanyang (Savanna, Magoma), Matuki mixes traditional afro-beat sounds with heavy doses of contemporary urban funk into an exciting concoction of world music. Collaborating with the likes of Bristol Samba, Jamba Horns and a variety of versatile session musicians, the densely talented ensemble infuse years of wisdom and experience into their music. After a successful debut performance at Glastonbury Festival’s Glade Stage, 2016 saw the airwaves overflowing with the band’s signature tracks. Matuki received airtime on BCFM, Bristol City Radio, Radio Ujima and Radio Helsinki, and some of their repertoire was also featured on playlists curated by DJ Hiphoppapotamus and Miles Chambers of Lyrical Minded. Touring the UK festival circuit, with appearances at Secret Garden Party, Green Man, Farmfest, Kendal Calling, and Glastonbury, Matuki have been transforming unassuming audiences into dancing frenzies wherever they perform.