MDD – Being + Time EP

MDD – Being + Time EP

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MDD – Being + Time EP

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MDD - Being + Time EP

Released 2nd March 2018

Inner Surface Music is proud to present its next release from Canadian duo MDD.

Falling Inside opens the ep bringing together industrial and punk prototypes of the duo’s influences in the shape of a techno stomper. Chunky kick drums and gnarly textures fizzle and pop to the march of the industrial rhythms before the low slung bassline and abstract vocal cuts take the track into a darker realm. Tension builds and welds together heavy broken kick patterns with crisp but rusty percussion demolishing everything in sight. The elements amalgamate together creating tension with walls of sub bass, while remaining spacious and nonchalant with glacial atmospheric pads, dropping and breaking like a thunderstorm overhead.

Truth + Method has a pulsating punk like groove, pumping kick drums play off lacerated snare and high hat hits. The groove is relentless, funky bass lines, distorted vocal stabs and obscure concrete style pads fabricate as if melting in the tape machine. Techno music with an organic industrial feel, warm analog sounds with a metallic and vicious sensibility.

Destruction Of Metaphysics is a true representation of the MDD sound. Dark playful electronica walking the line between industrial, experimental and techno. The distorted bass and percussion are fully over driven in the mix pushing the elements to the extremity, clanging piston like snares drop to give structure to the savage groove. Noise and textured elements build and reverberate to let you feel like you are trapped inside the machines of a huge power plant, reduced but elaborate in style and experimentation.

a1. Falling Inside

a2. Tension

b1. Truth + Method

b2. Destruction Of Metaphysics

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