Michel Portal – Our Meanings and Our Feelings


For My Mother
Walking Through The Land
Dear Old Morocco
A Train In A Very Small Town
Our Meanings And Our Feelings
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On June 27th, 1969, Michel Portal pushed the door of the Path?
Marconi studios. With him were drummers Jacques Thollot and Aldo Romano, bassist Jean-Fran?ois Jenny-Clark and pianist Joachim K?hn.
They hadn?t rehearsed anything, as if entering the studio to record an album without any plan was something normal. The musicians were obviously very used to playing with each other, as the five tracks on Our Meanings And Our Feelings seem to ?ow perfectly without any hint of improvisation. The zokra, an oriental clarinet that Michel Portal plays on ?Walking through the land? and ?Dear old Morocco? brings a singular touch to this album. This singularity is transcended by Joachim K?hn?s ability to easily go from the piano to the saxophone alto, from supporting to soloing, before playing the bells, then the tambourine, opening the soundscape. Our Meanings And Our Feelings may not be the first French free jazz record ? as it was preceded by the fantastic Free Jazz by Fran?ois Tusques, released in 1965 and on which Michel Portal plays as well – but it remains one of the most important. Its incredible outburst of sounds and melodies is completely free yet never turns into cacophony. 44 years after its release, it is still urgent to listen to Our Meanings And Our Feelings and what these five talented musicians had to tell us.