Moniker – Coma Berenices EP

Moniker – Coma Berenices EP

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Moniker – Coma Berenices EP


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Moniker - Coma Berenices EP

Released 27th May 2016

Allow us to introduce you to Moniker, proper London underground techno heads often found DJing at those ridiculous Sunday raves that have been making a resurgence in the capital lately.

Having been seduced by the depth, quality and nuances they inject into their underground house & techno creations, we selected 3 of their productions for their debut release, each intended to showcase different aspects of their work.

A1 track ‘Coma Berenices’ has an evolving almost overwhelming build up that leaves you hanging on a cliff-edge during a swirling breakdown before plunging the dancefloor smack back down in the heart of heads-down technoland. This totally deserves to be played and experienced on a club soundsystem and having tested this hypnotic track out in our own sets we are fully confident in its dancefloor potency.

AA1 cut Oms kicks off the 2 nd side with a purposeful low-slung acid groove before high synth-pads gradually appear and ascend upward and upward. Delicate melodic touches and splashes of sonic colour are introduced to leave the dancer in an altogether different place than where they started.

The AA2 track Phaze Jam finishes off the ep with an engrossing take on the less is more approach. Powerful dub sheathed chords shatter like shards of ice atop a bulky kick and frazzled hats. After a brief breakdown’s respite the rhythms get more rugged thereby cementing the deal that this is a high grade granite techno tool.

a1. Moniker – Coma Berenices

b1. Moniker – Oms

b2. Moniker – Phaze Jam 

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